Patricia Brown is licensed to practice law in the province of Ontario, and the State of Michigan. Patricia Brown practices Criminal Defence; Mental Health; and Immigration law. Patricia Brown is also a notary public. Please see below for more information about a specific area of law.


There is no such thing as a “minor charge”. A Criminal conviction may have significant effects on various aspects of your life, specifically your career; educational goals; immigration status; and child custody and access proceedings. This is why Patricia Brown believes in advocating for each and every client no matter what type of criminal offence they are charged with.
Patricia Brown is a passionate Michigan and Ontario lawyer who values freedom and is committed to client advocacy. Patricia Brown works extra hard to protect and secure your rights under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the United States Constitution.
Patricia Brown has represented clients with various criminal charges.
Here, are just a few examples of the types of proceedings and cases that Patricia Brown has assisted her client’s with.

Attempted Murder (Weapon / No Weapon)
Murder 2nd Degree
Dangerous Operation of a Motor Vehicle - Causing Bodily Harm
Dangerous Operation of a Motor Vehicle - Causing Death
Impaired Driving Causing Death
Impeding to Save Life

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Mental illness refers to a wide range of mental health conditions or disorders that may affect your mood, thinking and behavior. At times a person with a mental disorder may require legal representation or advocacy relating to treatment; capacity; and admission to long-term care facilities. Patricia Brown is an advocate for psychiatric survivors. Utilizing her previous professional experience in the mental health care sector she brings a unique and client-centred perspective into the court room and tribunals. See below for more information regarding legal services.

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Unforeseen circumstances can often require you to immigrate out of your home country for betterment; opportunity; and overall well-being. However, Canadian and the United States Immigration procedures can be unclear, and may result in you not knowing your rights as well as what you are entitled to. Immigration itself has rules and legislations set forth to regulate those who enter the country, as well as for how long. Being misinformed of these rights can impede your success, be expensive, or result in oversight that must later be rectified. Patricia Brown believes in working with you to better understand these regulations, and fighting to ensure you are protected. What sets Patricia Brown apart is her drive and commitment to go above and beyond the application process. Together you and her will work together in partnership and advocate for you to the fullest extent. See read more for immigration services offered by Patricia Brown.

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